Working with Addiction

Addiction is the relentless pursuit of instant relief through craving-inducing behaviors, persisting despite acknowledged harm in other life areas.

What is Addiction?

Self-administered emotional pain relief.

A coping mechanism of choice due to an inability to handle sitting happily with one's self due to emotional pain, flashbacks and negative self-talk.

I consider addiction as a Coping Mechanism for a deeper pain.

For some people that coping mechanism is Ice, for some its Heroin, for some its Alcohol, for some it's Eating, for some it's Shopping, for some it's Gambling. But whatever the vice is, is that person's SOLUTION to their pain.

It may be hurting them but it's the best relief they have found, that's why they'll keep going back to it.

This is why it's ridiculous to tell someone to just stop. You're essentially telling someone to stop the thing that takes away the pain. Addiction is NOT a choice. Just like if someone had a hip replacement, and you took away their pain killers.

This is why we work at a subconscious level and find the Root Cause to heal and release their trauma, pain and baggage. This allows people to naturally stop their addictions in a kind and safe way.

The addiction is merely a symptom and not the main issue.